Tigres du Grésivaudan


The Club was born in 2008 when enthusiasts Grenoble floorball player meet meet each other. Severals after having studied in Scandinavian countries, other was hockey fans or members of "l’association Franco-Suédoise". « Grenoble Floorball » became « Grenoble Grésivaudan Floorball », and afterward « Isère Grésivaudan Floorball » and take his place in « Grésivaudan » valley (northeast from Grenoble), between Chartreuse mountains and Belledone mountains.
Scéances exterieur (2008)
Since 2008, the club play French Championship in Division to for the begining and organize a Championship round in Montbonnot and finish sixth in the standing. The club is  est vice champion of France (D2) and rose in first division of French Championship in division 1. 

Finale des Playoffs D2 (2010)

THe number of players increasing, the club decide to create a second competition team in 2010 which play in D2. During the same year the Team principal  was 6th in French Championship D1 and stay in place.
Beside competition, the club create a floorball shcool for childrens in 2009 with around twenty youngs (6-14 years old).

Match jeune (trophé des Alpes 2011)

The club is supported by Saint-Ismier and Montbonnot cities, the SIZOV organization,  the «communauté de communes des pays du Grésivaudan» and the «Conseil Général de l’Isère».